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Askew — Baca

As Au Ayala, Jonathon — Ayala, Lola
Askew, Jake — Askew, Kent Austin, Armando — Austin, Christopher Ayala, Lonnie — Ayala, Monique
Askew, Kerry — Askew, Marilyn Austin, Christy — Austin, Eddie Ayala, Morris — Ayala, Rogelio
Askew, Mario — Askew, Patty Austin, Edgar — Austin, Gloria Ayala, Roger — Ayala, Theodore
Askew, Paul — Askew, Shelley Austin, Gordon — Austin, Joanna Ayala, Theresa — Ayers, Ana
Askew, Shelly — Askew, Wayne Austin, Joanne — Austin, Leroy Ayers, Andre — Ayers, Casey
Askew, Wendell — Atkins, Bert Austin, Leslie — Austin, Melvin Ayers, Cassandra — Ayers, Donald
At Austin, Mercedes — Austin, Randy Ayers, Donna — Ayers, George
Atkins, Bertha — Atkins, Cora Austin, Raquel — Austin, Stephanie Ayers, Georgia — Ayers, Jessie
Atkins, Corey — Atkins, Elsie Austin, Stephen — Austin, Yvonne Ayers, Jesus — Ayers, Leigh
Atkins, Elvira — Atkins, Holly Austin, Zachary — Avery, Brad Ayers, Lela — Ayers, Meghan
Atkins, Homer — Atkins, Julie Av Ayers, Melanie — Ayers, Ramona
Atkins, Julio — Atkins, Lucy Avery, Bradford — Avery, Darin Ayers, Randal — Ayers, Stella
Atkins, Luis — Atkins, Nathaniel Avery, Darla — Avery, Estelle Ayers, Stephanie — Ayers, Yvonne
Atkins, Neal — Atkins, Roosevelt Avery, Esther — Avery, Isabel Ayers, Zachary — Babb, Brenda
Atkins, Rosa — Atkins, Tim Avery, Israel — Avery, Kay Ba
Atkins, Timmy — Atkinson, Amber Avery, Kayla — Avery, Malcolm Babb, Brendan — Babb, Dave
Atkinson, Amelia — Atkinson, Carolyn Avery, Mamie — Avery, Olive Babb, David — Babb, Florence
Atkinson, Carrie — Atkinson, Dianne Avery, Oliver — Avery, Samuel Babb, Floyd — Babb, Jared
Atkinson, Dixie — Atkinson, Gabriel Avery, Sandra — Avery, Vera Babb, Jason — Babb, Kristie
Atkinson, Gail — Atkinson, Jeannette Avery, Verna — Avila, April Babb, Kristin — Babb, Martin
Atkinson, Jeannie — Atkinson, Kristopher Avila, Archie — Avila, Clark Babb, Marty — Babb, Philip
Atkinson, Kristy — Atkinson, Marlon Avila, Claude — Avila, Elizabeth Babb, Phillip — Babb, Sophia
Atkinson, Marsha — Atkinson, Paula Avila, Ella — Avila, Heather Babb, Stacey — Babb, Yvette
Atkinson, Paulette — Atkinson, Shari Avila, Hector — Avila, Josephine Babb, Yvonne — Babcock, Brandon
Atkinson, Sharon — Atkinson, Violet Avila, Josh — Avila, Lorenzo Babcock, Brandy — Babcock, Darren
Atkinson, Virgil — Atwood, Bernard Avila, Loretta — Avila, Myron Babcock, Darrin — Babcock, Fannie
Atwood, Bernice — Atwood, Constance Avila, Myrtle — Avila, Roland Babcock, Faye — Babcock, Jana
Atwood, Cora — Atwood, Eric Avila, Rolando — Avila, Thomas Babcock, Jane — Babcock, Kristen
Atwood, Erica — Atwood, Ida Avila, Tiffany — Ayala, Ana Babcock, Kristi — Babcock, Martha
Atwood, Inez — Atwood, Kathryn Ay Babcock, Martin — Babcock, Peter
Atwood, Kathy — Atwood, Madeline Ayala, Andre — Ayala, Cecil Babcock, Phil — Babcock, Sonya
Atwood, Mae — Atwood, Norma Ayala, Cecilia — Ayala, Edmund Babcock, Sophia — Babcock, Wilson
Atwood, Norman — Atwood, Sandra Ayala, Edna — Ayala, Gwendolyn Babcock, Winifred — Baca, Blanche
Atwood, Sandy — Atwood, Vernon Ayala, Hannah — Ayala, Jonathan Baca, Bob — Baca, Darrel
Atwood, Veronica — Austin, Arlene
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