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Cunningham — Daniel

Quick: Cu, Da, 
Cu Curtis, Katherine — Curtis, Lynn Daley, Archie — Daley, Clara
Cunningham, Tomas — Curran, Andy Curtis, Lynne — Curtis, Nick Daley, Clarence — Daley, Edna
Curran, Angel — Curran, Charlie Curtis, Nicolas — Curtis, Roxanne Daley, Edward — Daley, Gwendolyn
Curran, Charlotte — Curran, Earnest Curtis, Roy — Curtis, Todd Daley, Hannah — Daley, Jonathan
Curran, Ed — Curran, Gwen Curtis, Tom — Dahl, Andy Daley, Jonathon — Daley, Lonnie
Curran, Gwendolyn — Curran, Jose Da Daley, Lora — Daley, Molly
Curran, Josefina — Curran, Lorene Dahl, Angel — Dahl, Charles Daley, Mona — Daley, Robin
Curran, Loretta — Curran, Myrtle Dahl, Charlie — Dahl, Dwight Daley, Robyn — Daley, Terrence
Curran, Nadine — Curran, Roy Dahl, Earl — Dahl, Gregory Daley, Terri — Dalton, Alma
Curran, Ruby — Curran, Van Dahl, Gretchen — Dahl, Jon Dalton, Alonzo — Dalton, Carlton
Curran, Vanessa — Currie, Arthur Dahl, Jonathan — Dahl, Lora Dalton, Carmen — Dalton, Dewey
Currie, Arturo — Currie, Clara Dahl, Loren — Dahl, Myrtle Dalton, Dexter — Dalton, Fredrick
Currie, Clarence — Currie, Elaine Dahl, Nadine — Dahl, Rosa Dalton, Gabriel — Dalton, Jeannie
Currie, Elbert — Currie, Hector Dahl, Rosalie — Dahl, Toni Dalton, Jeff — Dalton, Kurt
Currie, Heidi — Currie, Julia Dahl, Tony — Dailey, Angelo Dalton, Kyle — Dalton, Martha
Currie, Julian — Currie, Lucy Dailey, Angie — Dailey, Chad Dalton, Martin — Dalton, Peggy
Currie, Luis — Currie, Neil Dailey, Charlene — Dailey, Doug Dalton, Penny — Dalton, Sherri
Currie, Nellie — Currie, Ruby Dailey, Douglas — Dailey, Gertrude Dalton, Sherry — Dalton, Wesley
Currie, Rudolph — Currie, Trevor Dailey, Gilbert — Dailey, Jimmie Dalton, Whitney — Daly, Beth
Currie, Tricia — Curry, Anna Dailey, Jimmy — Dailey, Leo Daly, Bethany — Daly, Cory
Curry, Anne — Curry, Chelsea Dailey, Leon — Dailey, Melinda Daly, Courtney — Daly, Erma
Curry, Cheryl — Curry, Dustin Dailey, Melissa — Dailey, Randy Daly, Ernest — Daly, Isaac
Curry, Dwayne — Curry, Glen Dailey, Raquel — Dailey, Stuart Daly, Isabel — Daly, Katrina
Curry, Glenda — Curry, Joan Dailey, Sue — Dale, Adam Daly, Kay — Daly, Malcolm
Curry, Joann — Curry, Leonard Dale, Adrian — Dale, Brenda Daly, Mamie — Daly, Olga
Curry, Leroy — Curry, Melody Dale, Brendan — Dale, Darryl Daly, Olive — Daly, Santos
Curry, Melvin — Curry, Raquel Dale, Daryl — Dale, Faith Daly, Sara — Daly, Veronica
Curry, Raul — Curry, Stephanie Dale, Fannie — Dale, Jaime Daly, Vicki — Daniel, Arlene
Curry, Stephen — Curry, Yvonne Dale, Jake — Dale, Kelly Daniel, Armando — Daniel, Christopher
Curry, Zachary — Curtis, Bonnie Dale, Kelvin — Dale, Marcella Daniel, Christy — Daniel, Eddie
Curtis, Boyd — Curtis, Danielle Dale, Marcia — Dale, Opal Daniel, Edgar — Daniel, Glenn
Curtis, Danny — Curtis, Ernestine Dale, Ora — Dale, Sandra Daniel, Gloria — Daniel, Jimmie
Curtis, Ervin — Curtis, Irene Dale, Sandy — Dale, Vanessa Daniel, Jimmy — Daniel, Lena
Curtis, Iris — Curtis, Kate Dale, Velma — Daley, April Daniel, Leo — Daniel, Melanie
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