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Kraft — Lange

Kr La Lamb, Robin — Lambert, Anne
Kraft, Brenda — Kraft, Gilbert Lacey, Cynthia — Lacey, Jeffery Lambert, Annette — Lambert, Emma
Kraft, Gladys — Kraft, Lois Lacey, Jeffrey — Lacey, Nancy Lambert, Eric — Lambert, Katie
Kraft, Loretta — Kraft, Sherry Lacey, Nathan — Lacey, Virginia Lambert, Keith — Lambert, Roberto
Kraft, Shirley — Kramer, Brian Lacey, Vivian — Lackey, Danny Lambert, Robin — Lancaster, Anne
Kramer, Brittany — Kramer, Glenn Lackey, Darlene — Lackey, Jerry Lancaster, Annette — Lancaster, Emma
Kramer, Gloria — Kramer, Loretta Lackey, Jesse — Lackey, Norman Lancaster, Eric — Lancaster, Katie
Kramer, Lori — Kramer, Sherry Lackey, Oscar — Lackey, Wendy Lancaster, Keith — Lancaster, Rodney
Kramer, Shirley — Krause, Brittany Lackey, Wesley — Lacy, Debbie Lancaster, Roger — Land, Annie
Krause, Bruce — Krause, Gordon Lacy, Deborah — Lacy, Joan Land, Anthony — Land, Erica
Krause, Grace — Krause, Louis Lacy, Joann — Lacy, Patrick Land, Erin — Land, Kevin
Krause, Louise — Krause, Stephen Lacy, Paul — Lacy, William Land, Kim — Land, Ronnie
Krause, Steve — Krueger, Carl Lacy, Willie — Ladd, Debra Land, Rosa — Landers, April
Krueger, Carlos — Krueger, Gregory Ladd, Denise — Ladd, Joel Landers, Arthur — Landers, Esther
Krueger, Harold — Krueger, Lynn Ladd, John — Ladd, Peter Landers, Ethel — Landers, Kimberly
Krueger, Manuel — Krueger, Sue Ladd, Philip — Ladner, Adam Landers, Kristen — Landers, Rose
Krueger, Susan — Kruse, Carol Ladner, Alan — Ladner, Dolores Landers, Roy — Landis, Audrey
Kruse, Carolyn — Kruse, Heather Ladner, Don — Ladner, Josephine Landis, Barbara — Landis, Eva
Kruse, Helen — Kruse, Marie Ladner, Joshua — Ladner, Raymond Landis, Evelyn — Landis, Lauren
Kruse, Marilyn — Kruse, Terry Ladner, Rebecca — Laird, Amanda Landis, Laurie — Landis, Sally
Kruse, Thelma — Kuhn, Charles Laird, Amber — Laird, Edna Landis, Sam — Landry, Bernard
Ku Laird, Edward — Laird, Justin Landry, Bernice — Landry, Francis
Kuhn, Charlie — Kuhn, Herman Laird, Karen — Laird, Robert Landry, Francisco — Landry, Leo
Kuhn, Holly — Kuhn, Mario Laird, Roberta — Lake, Ann Landry, Leon — Landry, Samuel
Kuhn, Marion — Kuhn, Theresa Lake, Anna — Lake, Elsie Landry, Sandra — Lane, Beth
Kuhn, Thomas — Kurtz, Cheryl Lake, Emily — Lake, Kathryn Lane, Betty — Lane, Fred
Kurtz, Chris — Kurtz, Jack Lake, Kathy — Lake, Robert Lane, Frederick — Lane, Leon
Kurtz, Jacob — Kurtz, Mary Lake, Roberta — Lam, Ann Lane, Leonard — Lane, Samuel
Kurtz, Matthew — Kurtz, Tom Lam, Anna — Lam, Elsie Lane, Sandra — Lang, Beth
Kurtz, Tommy — Kyle, Clarence Lam, Emily — Lam, Kathryn Lang, Betty — Lang, Fred
Ky Lam, Kathy — Lam, Robert Lang, Frederick — Lang, Leon
Kyle, Clifford — Kyle, Janice Lam, Roberta — Lamb, Ann Lang, Leonard — Lang, Sandra
Kyle, Jason — Kyle, Michael Lamb, Anna — Lamb, Elsie Lang, Sara — Lange, Betty
Kyle, Micheal — Kyle, Valerie Lamb, Emily — Lamb, Kathy Lange, Beverly — Lange, Frederick
Kyle, Vanessa — Lacey, Curtis Lamb, Katie — Lamb, Roberto
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