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Russo — Salter

Ru Ryan, Preston — Ryan, Shirley Salazar, Harvey — Salazar, Jordan
Russo, Donna — Russo, Georgia Ryan, Sidney — Ryan, Wilbur Salazar, Jorge — Salazar, Lola
Russo, Gerald — Russo, Jerome Ryan, Wilfred — Sadler, Betty Salazar, Lonnie — Salazar, Mona
Russo, Jerry — Russo, Leah Sa Salazar, Monica — Salazar, Robert
Russo, Lee — Russo, Melanie Sadler, Beulah — Sadler, Cynthia Salazar, Roberta — Salazar, Tami
Russo, Melba — Russo, Randall Sadler, Daisy — Sadler, Ernestine Salazar, Tammy — Saldana, Alex
Russo, Randolph — Russo, Stanley Sadler, Ernesto — Sadler, Irving Saldana, Alexander — Saldana, Carmen
Russo, Stella — Ruth, Adams Sadler, Isaac — Sadler, Kay Saldana, Carol — Saldana, Eddie
Rutherford, Aaron — Rutherford, Bradley Sadler, Kayla — Sadler, Malcolm Saldana, Edgar — Saldana, Gwen
Rutherford, Brandi — Rutherford, Darrell Sadler, Mamie — Sadler, Omar Saldana, Gwendolyn — Saldana, Josefina
Rutherford, Darren — Rutherford, Evan Sadler, Opal — Sadler, Sarah Saldana, Joseph — Saldana, Luke
Rutherford, Evelyn — Rutherford, Jake Sadler, Saul — Sadler, Vickie Saldana, Lula — Saldana, Nora
Rutherford, James — Rutherford, Kenny Sadler, Vicky — Saenz, Arthur Saldana, Norma — Saldana, Sam
Rutherford, Kent — Rutherford, Marianne Saenz, Arturo — Saenz, Conrad Saldana, Samantha — Saldana, Vincent
Rutherford, Marie — Rutherford, Patricia Saenz, Constance — Saenz, Erik Saldana, Viola — Salgado, Bert
Rutherford, Patrick — Rutherford, Sheila Saenz, Erika — Saenz, Irma Salgado, Bertha — Salgado, Deanna
Rutherford, Sheldon — Rutherford, Wallace Saenz, Irvin — Saenz, Kathy Salgado, Debbie — Salgado, Freddie
Rutherford, Walter — Rutledge, Bernice Saenz, Katie — Saenz, Marcia Salgado, Frederick — Salgado, Jerald
Rutledge, Bert — Rutledge, Cora Saenz, Marco — Saenz, Patrick Salgado, Jeremy — Salgado, Lewis
Rutledge, Corey — Rutledge, Elvira Saenz, Patsy — Saenz, Shane Salgado, Lila — Salgado, Moses
Rutledge, Emanuel — Rutledge, Homer Saenz, Shannon — Saenz, Warren Salgado, Muriel — Salgado, Rose
Rutledge, Hope — Rutledge, June Saenz, Wayne — Salas, Betty Salgado, Rosemarie — Salgado, Tricia
Rutledge, Justin — Rutledge, Lula Salas, Beulah — Salas, Daisy Salgado, Valerie — Salinas, Arturo
Rutledge, Luther — Rutledge, Neil Salas, Dale — Salas, Ervin Salinas, Ashley — Salinas, Colleen
Rutledge, Nellie — Rutledge, Ruben Salas, Estelle — Salas, Irvin Salinas, Connie — Salinas, Emanuel
Rutledge, Ruby — Rutledge, Tonya Salas, Irving — Salas, Kathleen Salinas, Emilio — Salinas, Horace
Rutledge, Tracey — Ryan, Angela Salas, Kathryn — Salas, Mae Salinas, Howard — Salinas, Julie
Ry Salas, Maggie — Salas, Oliver Salinas, Julio — Salinas, Lydia
Ryan, Angelica — Ryan, Cedric Salas, Olivia — Salas, Samantha Salinas, Lynda — Salinas, Noah
Ryan, Celia — Ryan, Dora Salas, Sammy — Salas, Veronica Salinas, Noel — Salinas, Rudy
Ryan, Doreen — Ryan, George Salas, Vicki — Salazar, Ashley Salinas, Rufus — Salinas, Tyler
Ryan, Georgia — Ryan, Jeremy Salazar, Aubrey — Salazar, Clayton Salinas, Tyrone — Salter, Audrey
Ryan, Jermaine — Ryan, Lauren Salazar, Clifford — Salazar, Elisa Salter, Austin — Salter, Clayton
Ryan, Laurence — Ryan, Matthew Salazar, Elizabeth — Salazar, Harry Salter, Clifford — Salter, Elisa
Ryan, Mattie — Ryan, Phyllis
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